When you ride on the Powder Department Runs you leave the secured ski area! These runs are NOT groomed, have NO avalanche protections (nor for any other alpine dangers) and are NOT checked. The Powder Department Runs are (as is always the case in the open ski area) not closed nor declared being “open”.


You act exclusively at your own risk and are outside of the liability area of the lift operators, who only provide the open, groomed pistes and ski routes and do not assume any liability.


The Freeride Runs should only be entered with a certified mountain and ski guide.

Freeriden im Tiefschnee


The Stubai Glacier makes high-alpine terrain which offers plenty of space for fantastic runs accessible. Access of these areas demands for experience and training and for a appropriate behaviour.

A specifically designed off-piste-map shows 13 freeride runs in the open ski area. The downhills can also be accessed asGPS-trackson yoursmartphone. They are integrated in the Stubai App (App Store or Android).  This way also people, who are not insiders, have the opportunity to enjoy rewarding downhill rides. A printed version of the POWDER DEPARTMENT OFF PISTE MAP is available at the base station‘s ticket counter, at the Neustift ticket office, at the Eisgrat information and at the glacier’s Intersport shops. DOWNLOAD OFF-PISTE-MAP

Contact Mountain and Ski Guide

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The Freeride Center
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Freeride Runs on the Stubai Glacier Tyrol

Freeride Map

All 13 Freeride Runs on one map

To the Freeride Map
Equipment Check for Freeriding - Freeride Checkpoint at the Stubai Glacier

GPS Tracks: How it works

  • Download the Outdoor Active App in the App Store or in the Google Play Store
  • Load the Powder Department Track on your smartphone
  • Use the your-position-button (bottom left) to locate your position
  • This way you can check at all times whether you are still on the route.
  • The availability of a track doesn’t mean that you can ride/access it at this time!
  • Slight deviations from the route can already increase the risk.

The most important rules

  • Fresh snow or rain always increases the risk of avalanches.
  • The first nice day after snowfall is particularly prone to accidents!
  •  It is often easy to trigger fresh snowdrift accumulations.
  •  Rapid, marked warming and/or strong sunlight increase the risk of avalanches.
  •  Low visibility (fog) makes orientation and the assessment of the avalanche risk more difficult.
Freeriding Tyrol, Safety First



  • Information about avalanche risk (see avalanche bulletin on
  •  Check risk factors and if possible eliminate them
  •  Check emergency equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, mobile phone...)
  •  Basic knowledge of alpine dangers and what to do in an emergency

If you are not sufficiently informed on alpine dangers and avalanches, please book a training session with a pro (e.g. guided mountain or ski guide) before going into the open area on your own. More informationGENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE STUBAI GLACIER