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  • 4-day Stubai Glacier ski pass for the price of a 3-day ski pass
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Treasure Hunt



Geocaching is the new outdoor trend that combines an exciting treasure hunt with awesome outdoor experiences. The participants of this game are called geocachers. They hide little treasures in chests, plastic containers, bottles etc. all over the world. Some of these treasures, also referred to as caches, are also hidden on the Stubai Glacier. If you cache attentively you can find them…


  1.  Register on
  2.  Select the Stubai Glacier in the regional selection.
  3. Download the coordinates of the treasures to your smart phone or GPS-device.
  4. Off you go to the Stubai Glacier.

The coordinates roughly give the location of the caches. Once you are there you still have to look around a bit. Little hints for finding the treasures are also given on


Once you’ve found the treasure you can enter your name in the logbook. And if you remove a treasure, little things like e.g. key chains, figures, balls, marbles etc. you have to put something into the cache for the next cacher (treasure hunter) to find – that is the cacher codex! Please ONLY enter your name in the logbook at micro caches. These containers are too small for goods to be repl


  • Sturdy boots
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Headgear
  • Torch light
  • GPS-device or smartphone (recommended APP c:geo)



At the Intersport Eisgrat at the Eisgrat mountain station at an altitude of 2,900m you can rent hiking equipment and gear.


  • Geocaches on the Stubai Glacier are never buried or at spots, where entering is not allowed.
  • GPS-devices tempt the walker to look on the screen while walking. This might be dangerous on a glacier. Please always look out where you’re stepping on. Geocaching is always AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  • If you find a cache, enter your name in the logbook. On you can register your findings once you’ve registered for free..
  • If you take goods from a cache, please put something else of the same or a higher value in the cache.
  • In some cases caches contain information: e.g. the coordinates of the next cache. Read the instructions carefully!
  • Leave the caches always as you found them: at the same spot, in good condition and with all the information. Other cachers depend on you!
  • Behaviour on the glacier: Never leave marked trails (crevasses). For leaving the secured and marked glacier path you need to have experience in the high alpine area. 


Enjoy hunting and finding! The Stubai Glacier team!

What is geocaching

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