Widrige Witterungsverhältnisse beim Aufbau und eine ungünstige Wetterprognose für die Veranstaltungstage, haben die Veranstalter veranlasst, die für das Wochenende geplanten Wettkämpfe abzusagen.

Neustift, 20.11.2019     Aufgrund widriger Witterungsverhältnisse beim Aufbau und einer ungünstige Wetterprognose für die Veranstaltungstage, die einen fairen und sicheren Wettkampf für die Athletinnen und Athleten nicht gewähren können, sehen sich die Veranstalter rund um den Österreichischen Skiverband leider veranlasst, den am Stubaier Gletscher geplanten FIS Freeski Slopestyle Weltcup am 23.11.2019 abzusagen.

Der DC Stubai Zoo ist geöffnet, sofern die Witterungsverhältnisse zulassen. Der reguläre Skibetrieb wird durch die Absage des FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai nicht beeinträchtigt.

Die Ö3 Disco am Freitag, 22.11. und die Afterparty im Dorfpub am 23.11.2019 finden trotzdem statt.

2017 - News Archive

Here you'll find all the news from the FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai 2017

The winners have been determined

The winners of the FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai have been determined!


Place1: Braaten Oystein (Norway)

Place 2: Mc Eachran Evan (Canada)

Place 3: Stevenson Colby (USA)

List - Finals Ranking - Men


Place 1: Burmansson Jeannie-Lee (Sweden)

Place 2: Summerhayes Katie (Great Britain)

Place 3: Claire Caroline (USA)

List - Finals Ranking - Women


Stubaier Gletscher | Tom Bause
Stubaier Gletscher | Tom Bause
Stubaier Gletscher | Tom Bause
Stubaier Gletscher | Tom Bause

Finalists Women

Despite of difficult weather conditions, the ladies have started the qualification today..

Congratulations to all finalists!

Qualification List Women

List of Finalists


Ladies’ Qualifikation 25.11.2017

Ladies' Qualification List of Starters

To the live scoring here 


Saturday, 25 November 2017: Ladies’ qualification probably from 12:00 p.m. & Ticket to the Finals party in Neustift

Sunday, 26 November 2017: Finals for ladies and men – live TV screening on ORF 1 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Men's qualification

The qualification for the men’s race took place in top conditions in the DC Stubai Zoo snow park today.

Gratulation to all finalists.

Men's Final List of Starters

Spectacular start of the FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai 2017!

Royal weather conditions at the start of the first FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai 2017• top class race in the men’s qualification • ladies’ qualification on Saturday

A spectacle with a difference was offered at the start of the FIS Freeski World Cup on the Stubai Glacier. Within the scope of the men’s qualification the best of the slopestyle scene showed their best tricks and impressed the audience. 16 participants secured themselves a place for the Sunday finals after a fantastic show. A surprise delivered Sam Baumgartner from Austria, who won a top 16 place at his first slopestyle World Cup event.

Perfect conditions, spectacular jumps and plenty of style – the famous Stubai Zoo snow parks presented itself from its best side for the World Cup Premiere. Since the men’s qualification race was moved to Friday because of the weather forecast, 79 participants from 23 nations competed for the much-sought after places for the finals on Sunday.  After a competition at top level, 16 athletes (the best four of every heat) could celebrate their qualification at about 3:00 p.m. The Scandinavian starters presented themselves at top level and in particular the Swedish team was very strong. Jesper Tjader and Oscar Wester won their resp. heats and Henrik Harlaut and Oliwer Magnusson made it also to the finals.

Also strong performances were delivered by the starters from overseas. Colby Stevenson, Noah Wallace and Alexander Hall (all US) stood up for the team of the US Americans. 

A surprise from the point of view of the hosts: Sam Baumgartner made it into the finals at the first Slopestyle World Cup event of his still young career. The 20-year old from Upper Austria was more than just happy after his two runs. “It was as good as it gets. I was focused and able to show what I can. Now I ‘ll see if I can top this performance in the finals,” summarised Baumgartner. His trainer Roman Kuss was not surpside: “Sam has shown fantastic jumps already in the training. We didn’t expect to get into the finals, but we hoped for it. The performance level is very high among the men, a qualification is never a matter-of-course. “


To the results.


Here the link to the photos:





Ladies Qualification on Saturday


Tomorrow Saturday, the ladies will show what they can. Among others , the Olympic champion of 2014, Dara Howell (CAN) and the currently second and third of the Slopestyle World Cup Giulia Tanno (SUI) and Jennie Lee-Burmansson (SWE) will start. They meet the overall Slopestyle World Cup winner of the previous season, Sarah Höfflin (SUI) and Kea Kühnel from Bremerhaven (GER) as well as the team of the Austrians, with local here Laura Wallner (AUT) from Kampl in the Stubai Valley. “It is my big goal to reach the finals at this home competition. I’m in good shape and the training has been good. The park is perfect. I know the kickers inside out. Here I feel safe.”





Saturday, 25 November                               Qualification - Ladies & “Ticket to the Finals”- Party in Neustift


Sunday, 26 November                                  Finals Ladies & Men – LIVE TV-screening ORF 1 from 11:00   a.m. – 1:15 p.m.

Stubaier Gletscher | Tom Bause
Stubaier Gletscher | Tom Bause
Stubaier Gletscher | Tom Bause
Stubaier Gletscher | Tom Bause
Stubaier Gletscher | Tom Bause

Freeski Austria in Home Race Mode

With the first FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai, not only a stage is offered to the international freeski scene, but also to freeskiing as such in Austria.

"With the World Cup, the sport of freestyle skiing gets some limelight also in Austria. That is why it is a very important event for the athletes. Thanks to the fact that it is qualification time for the Olympic Winter Games, all international top stars will be there. Even if our athletes are not among the favourites, all will do their best to present themselves as good a s possible”, explains Roman Kuss, the ÖSV sports director for freeskiing.

A glance on the entry list confirms that the Carinthian is right. Besides of many international top starts, also the best ÖSV athletes, such as Viktor Moosmann, Lukas Müllauer and Sam Baumgartner are on the list of starters.

"It is fantastic to have a World Cup event in Austria. Of course I will do my best in front of a home audience as well as my family and friends. We have trained a lot on the Stubai Glacier in the last weeks and want to take advantage of the home race,”, says the 22-yeear old Tyrolean Viktor Moosmann.

From the Austrian team it are in particular Lara Wolf and local hero Laura Wallner (AUT) from Kampl in the Stubai Valley, who hope for a ticket for the Olympic Games. Wallner is very confident ahead of the contest:

“At a home competition I want to get into the finals. I’m in good shape and the training has been good. The park is perfect. I know the kickers inside out. I feel safe here”, says the 18-year old.

Altogether 128 starters from 26 nations (37 women and 91 men) are expected at the FIS Freeski World Cup on the Stubai Glacier. One winner is already certain now: "The sport of Freeski in Austria, because the Stubai Freeski World Cup is an important building stone for the structures around our sport.”

3D Course Preview

Interview with Freeski Germany's Flo Preuss

The Stubai Prime Park Sessions go into their fifth year now and this year, immediately afterwards, the FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai is going to take place. For many riders the participation and a good ranking are decisive for the qualification for the Olympic Games in 2018 in Pyeongchang. Especially precarious for the German freestyle skiers, since you must either reach the finals twice or land a place under the top 8 once to qualify for Pyeonchang. How do you deal with this situation and the probably high pressure that comes with it? 

Of course the situation is precarious for us, since there are only few opportunities now to qualify for the Olympic Games. But I’m especially looking forward to the World Cup in the Stubai and am quite hopeful. I’ve been riding this line of kickers since I’ve been 16 years old. I hope I have a sort of home field advantage.

How do you get ready for the World Cup?

During the Prime Park Session I intensively train for the season and in particular for the World Cup here in the Stubai. I try and perfect different kicker tricks so that everything will go well at the end of November.

Do you focus your  training on specific tricks?

Of course you concentrate on the tricks you want to show during the contest. But there is also the time to make a good old backflip in-between. 

Prime Park Sessions - Pally Learmond
Prime Park Sessions - Pally Learmond
Prime Park Sessions - Pally Learmond
Prime Park Sessions - Pally Learmond

FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai

FIS Freeski World Cup Stubai 2017: The countdown has started!

Preparations for the World Cup premiere at the Stubai Glacier run at full speed •  From 24 to 26 November 2017 the international Freeski elite competes at the DC Snowpark Stubai Zoo

The first FIS Freeski World Cup on the Stubai Glacier is approaching. In about a week the freeski elite is going to have the next-to-last chance to collect FIS-points for the qualification for the Olympic Winter Games 2018 in South Korea. After the first entry deadline it is now fixed: The world’s best freestyle skiers start on the Stubai Glacier between the 24 and 26 November 2017.

It is the quiet before the big storm. If one dares to visit the DC Stubai Zoo one can adumbrate something big. Soon the “who is who” of the freeski scene will be present at the FIS Freeski World Cup 2017 and compete for a prize money of altogether 50,000 CHF and important FIS points for the qualification for the Olympic Winter Games 2018 in Pyeongchang (KOR). 

The organizers can draw first conclusions after the first registration deadline has passed and they can be contented: The top stars of the scene are going to start! Presently 129 starters from 24 nations are expected – among the participants from the classic winter sports nations, such as Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries, but also from countries, which are usually not associated with skiing, such as Costa Rica or Barbados.

At the men’s race the current leader of the world ranking,  James Woods (GBR), Andri Ragettli (SUI/2), World Champion in 2015, Fabian Bösch (SUI/3) and the local hero of the Austrian Ski Club, Viktor Moosmann (AUT/14) are going to start. 

At the ladies’ race the Olympic winner of 2014, Dara Howell (CAN), Giulia Tanno (SUI/2), Jennie Lee-Burmansson (SWE/3) as well as Lara Wolf (AUT/25) and the local hero Laura Wallner from the Stubai Valley are going to compete.

But it will continue to be exciting: Entries are possible to ten days before the competiton. this way convalescent riders such as the Freeski World Champion Lisa Zimmermann (GER) or the prodigy Kelly Sildaru (EST) still have the chance to enrol.

A first highlight on the Stubai Glacier will already take place next week. Within the scope of the Stubai Prime Park Sessions, a four-week training camp for freestyle skiers and snowboarders, the world elite can polish their tricks of the qualification for the Olympic Games.


Wednesday, 22 November              

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.: training

Evening: welcome evening in Innsbruck

Thursday, 23 November     

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.: training

Friday, 24 November

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.: qualification - women

Saturday, 25 November

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.: qualification - men

5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.: “Ticket to the Finals” party in Neustift

Sunday, 26 November                    

11.15 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.: Finals – Women & Men

LIVE TV screening on ORF1 from 11:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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