The Project

Now that the provincial government of the Tyrol has given the go-ahead for the project, the building works for the 3S Eisgrat gondola are scheduled to start in summer 2015. Planned date for operation start is the end of October 2016

Two intensive years lie ahead of the 3S Eisgrat gondola project team. The responsible persons had to wait for a long time for the political decision on the changes of the border of the nature reserve. In March 2015 the provincial government favoured the decision. Now works have started with high speed to finish the new feeder lift for the autumn season 2016.

“I am happy that a consensus has been found on the importance of this project”, says Reinahrd Klier, managing director of the Wintersport Tirol AG.

He points out the advantages: “The interventions in the nature are not significant and the nature reserve is extended by 45 hectares. Moreover bus traffic between the feeder lift and the car parks will be considerably reduced. Our investments do not extend the ski area, but replace an existing facility.”

The current sum of investment amounts to 60 million Euros. Additional measures (avalanche barriers, cables …) and measures to increase the convenience for guests have resulted in higher costs than previous plans had estimated.

New mid-station of the 3S Eisgratbahn in the winter
Bergstation 3S Eisgratbahn von oben Print
3S Eisgratbahn valley station in the winter
Luftbild der Bergstation der 3s Eisgratbahn Web

Animation of the new 3S Eisgrat Gondola

Modell 3S Bahn Talstation Stubaier Gletscher
Model of the new valley station
Modell 3S Bahn Talstation Stubaier Gletscher
This is how the new valley station will look from the inside
Modell 3S Bahn Talstation Stubaier Gletscher
The valley station from another perspective
Rendering Bergstation
The top terminal at Eisgrat

Parallel Building Works

If everything runs according to schedule, we will start with the building trail and the cable trench along the lift line this summer.
“As soon as we receive the building permission, we will commence with the building at the mid-terminal”, explains Klier.
Next to the existing building another enormous building will be annexed. 5,000m³ concrete and 50 fix pillars with a diameter of up to one metre will be used. The pillars are necessary because of the difficult terrain. Building works for the new base station are also scheduled to begin this year. This is the only building of the three stations that will be a completely new building. In this area two additional avalanche barriers will be built. The bigger one has a height of 10 metres and a length of 60 metres.

“It is going to be a big challenge for us and the involved companies to finish this project within two summers”, says the managing director of the Wintersport Tirol AG. The brief spells for building from mid-April to late October require that works are carried out in two shifts to finish the project in time.

Quantum Leap for the Stubai Valley

Ten storm closing days in the winter 2014/1015 winter season have confirmed the demand for a modern 3S feeder lift.

“On some of these days skiing would have been possible, but with the lift it was not possible”, reports Klier.

With the new 3S-Eisgrat lift undesirable closing days can be reduced to a minimum. Moreover, lift lines will be reduced and the modern technology also adds to the convenience for our guests. Thanks to free WiFi in all gondolas and the panorama windows, the lift ride to an altitude of 2,900m will be a real treat.

The most important dates at a glance

The second building phase – the removing of the old Eisgratbahn and the completion of the new 3S Eisgratbahn – causes some disruption to regular lift operation. In the summer of 2016 it was not the Eisgratbahn but the Gamsgartenbahn lift that brought the guests into the ski area, after the old Eisgratbahn lift stopped operating on 2 April 2016. Already on 3 April the demolition works at the top terminal started.

Please note the following dates for the autumn of 2016:

  • 05.09.2016 - 23.09.2016: Betrieb am Stubaier Gletscher eingestellt.
  • 1 October 2016: scheduled start of the ski season with the 6-seater Gamsgarten gondola as feeder lift.
  • 22 October 2016: scheduled operation start of the new 3S-Eisgratbahn lift.

Status: August 2016. Dates are subject to changes due to snow conditions or delays in the building progress.

<link file:18345 _blank file>Download the 2016 operation and opening times of the Stubai Glacier

Technical Data of the 3S Eisgrat Lift

  Section 1 Section 2
Altitude of the base station 1,697 2,291
Altitude of the top station 2,291 2,885
Horizontal length of the mountain 2,353 2,163
Altitude gain 594 594
Number of gondolas 25 24
Persons per gondola 32  
Capacity 3,014 persons/h  

Animation of the new 3S Cabins

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