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Getting there

  • Getting there

    Is it allowed to camp/stay overnight at the parking lot?

    Outside of the operating hours, the parking of camper vans is “wild camping” according to the Tyrolean Camping Act. The Tyrolean mountain rescue service regularly monitors compliance with the ban.
    During operating times, use of the parking area is free of charge.

    The closest campsite (Camping Edelweiß) is in Volderau, 8km from the valley station. From there a free ski bus leaves every 15 minutes.

  • Getting there

    Is it possible to park a mobile home at the base station during the day, if one leaves again after skiing?

    Yes, of course mobile homes can park on our car park. We ask you to notice though that our car park is closed from 6:00 p.m. onwards for safety reasons and that parking and in particular camping is not allowed there.

  • Getting there

    What should I do if all parking spaces are taken?

    If there are no more parking spaces at the base stations of the Stubai Glacier, there are additional car parks in Falbeson and Volderau.

    You can leave your car there and take the Stubai Glacier bus directly from the additional car parks to the Stubai Glacier base station. After your day skiing, the bus brings you back to your car. You can take any bus line or the ski bus to the car park, since they all stop at the additional car parks.

    Such exceptional situations are possible on strong November weekends.

    Usually you are able to park right at the Eisgratbahn or Gamsgartenbahn base station.

  • Getting there

    Is there a free ski bus?

    Yes, the ski bus in the Stubai Valley (Schönberg to the Stubai Glacier) is free of charge for all winter sports enthusiasts.

  • Getting there

    How do I get to the Stubai Glacier?

     It is best to take the ski bus from the main train station in Innsbruck (Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof), bus no. 590, directly to the Mutterberg base station at the Stubai Glacier.

    Alternatively you can get there by car. Free parking directly at the 3S Eisgratbahn base station.

      Details for getting there can be found here.


  • Others

    Corona virus

    Find all the latest information on the Corona virus in Tyrol, here: www.sozialministerium.at/Corona

  • Others

    Are there reimbursements in case of sports accidents?

    In case of sports accidents (skiing or tobogganing) the persons concerned get a reimbursement for the remaining, unused days upon presentation of a medical report (by a local doctor). There are no reimbursements for relatives of the injured person.


  • Dogs

    Can my dog enter the restaurants on the Stubai Glacier?

    Provided they are kept on a leash, well-behaved four-legged friends are allowed in almost all restaurants on the Stubai Glacier.

    We ask for your understanding that dogs are not allowed in the Restaurant Schaufelspitz restaurant.

  • Dogs

    Can I bring my dog to the Stubai Glacier?

    Yes, dogs are generally welcome at the glacier, as long as they are kept on a leash. 

    Although there's no obligation to wear a muzzle, we recommend it for the duration of the cable car rides. 

Prices and ski passes

  • Prices and ski passes

    Does the birthday or the birth year apply as valuation date for discounts?

    Discounts for Stubai Glacier ski passes are granted based on the birth year.

  • Prices and ski passes

    How do 1.5-, 2.5- and 3.5-day ski passes work?

    If you purchase a 1.5-, 2.5 or 3.5-day ski pass, you can go skiing from 12:00 p.m. of the day in question.

    For example: You purchase a 2.5-day ski pass on Friday, 12:00 p.m. You can ski from 12:00 p.m. onwards as well as all day on Saturday and Sunday.

    There are unfortunately no morning or time passes.

  • Prices and ski passes

    Is there a half-day ski passes for the Stubai Glacier?

    There is also a half-day ski pass available for the Stubai Glacier. It is valid from 12:00 p.m.

    You can find the prices here.

  • Prices and ski passes

    Where can I buy ski passes for the Stubai Glacier?

    Ski passes for the Stubai Glacier can be bought directly at the Eisgratbahn base station and the Gamsgartenbahn base station, as well as at the ticket office in Neustift opposite of the BP gas station in Neustift and in our online shop.

    Opening times of the Neustif ticket office (September to May)

    Monday to Saturday: 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00/6:00* p.m.
    Sundays and public holidays: 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 5:00/6:00*p.m.
    *depending on the season

  • Prices and ski passes

    Up to what age do children ski for free?

    Children under the age of 10 ski for free on the Stubai Glacier if accompanied by a paying parent (purchase of the same ticket category, except annual and seasonal tickets).

    Children rates apply for children born between 2008 and 2012.

  • Prices and ski passes

    Where can I find the ski pass prices?

    The prices for the ski passes can be found here.


  • Weather

    When does the ski season start?

    The ski season on the Stubai Glacier generally starts in mid-/late September, earlier than in all other ski areas. The exact date depends on the weather and snow conditions.

    In the previous years we started the season as follows:

    Season 2011/2012: 21 September
    Season 2012/2013: 22 September
    Season 2013/2014: 20 September
    Season 2014/2015: 13 September
    Season 2015/2016: 25 September
    Season 2016/2017: 30 September
    Season 2017/2018: 16 September
    Season 2018/2019: 6 October
    Season 2019/2020: 13 September
    Season 2021/2022: 08 October
    Season 2022/2023: 30 September

  • Weather

    Where do you get the data for the weather forecast from?

    The weather forecast for the Stubai Glacier is delivered by the ZAMG, Zentral-Anstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik.


  • Snow

    How is the exact snow depth determined?

    On average there are 6-9 metres of fresh snow in the winter season. The maximum snow depth in the previous years was 13.87 metres, the lowest 6.39 metres.

    If for example fresh snow of a depth of 1 metre is carried away by wind, this is considered for the total snow depth (snow depths rise less).

Reasons to close the ski area

  • Reasons to close the ski area

    From which wind speed onwards do lift operations have to be stopped due to storm?

    This question cannot be answered easily, since not only the wind speed, but also the direction the wind is coming from and the forecast are considered. It is a fact though that from an average wind speed of 50 km/h skiing pleasures are considerably affected, even if the lifts might still be in operation.

  • Reasons to close the ski area

    Is it possible to decide on the previous day whether the ski area will be closed on the next day?

    The operations management decides on every day before the planned opening anew whether the Stubai Glacier will be opened and the lifts in operation.

    Before the decision is made, current parameters such as wind speed and direction, avalanche danger and other environmental factors are considered and based on these the decision whether a safe operation can be guaranteed is made. Sometimes the operation start may be delayed, because the operations management has to wait and see how the weather develops. If the weather improves, operations can start later. If they stay the same or get worse, we cannot start operations for safety reasons.

    Current information on the open lifts can be found here: https://www.stubaier-gletscher.com/stubai-live/geoeffnete-anlagen/



  • Webcams

    Why are the webcams not working?

    We want our guests to be able to inform about the conditions on the Stubai Glacier in advance. This is why we have installed several webcams in the ski area. Because of their positions, some are at an altitude of more than 3,000m, the webcams are exposed to forces of nature. It is always possible that the webcams have connection problems or fail completely. We ask for your understanding if not all webcams are always in operation.

Slopes and slope preparation

  • Slopes and slope preparation

    What is the difference between ski pistes and routes?

    A ski route is a marked but unprepared ski downhill that is not checked. A ski piste on the other hand is a marked ski downhill that is secured from dangers and checked and normally also prepared.

    Ski routes are usually avalanche-safe and do not endanger nature. Along them you can enjoy deep snow skiing. Ski routes are marked by not being prepared and mostly by a demanding routeing.

  • Slopes and slope preparation

    How often are pistes prepared on the glacier?

    All open pistes on the Stubai Glacier are prepared daily after operations stop. If there is fresh snow in the evening on during the night, a further preparation is executed in the night or in the early morning before the start of the operations.

    Details on the daily piste preparation can be found in our preparation report.


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