Best domestic quality

Great emphasis on regional products on the Stubai Glacier

Whether at the building works of the 3S Eisgratbahn lift or the selection of food for the high culinary standards in the restaurants: The Stubaier Bergbahnen rely in many areas on local businesses. The organic Mayr Fleisch butchery in Natters is one of our suppliers. For more than 25 years, the family business has represented quality and sustainability.

Important for the region

We have appreciated the cooperation with local traditional suppliers from the very first days. Less than 40km from the Stubai Glaciers is Josef Mayr, whose business supplies our restaurants with different types of sausages and meat, as well as frankfurters or bratwurst. He gets his produce exclusively from local suppliers and makes sure to offer top quality. “The demand for regional food has continuously risen over the last years”, confirms the passionate butcher the trend towards more regionality. “The people in the shop, but also in the restaurants often ask for the origin of the produce, which is why we have many regular customers, since we use 100% produce from our home country. We place particular emphasis on short transport routes. More than half of the meat we process comes directly from local farmers. The consequent striving for quality has always been our forte”, says Josef Mayr.

Good for the people and the animals

The Mayr butchery has not only been awarded the AMA quality seal and the Austria Bio Guarantee, the pork and beef offered by Josef Mayr also fulfils the demanding quality standards of “sus” and “bos” – one of the few recognized control mechanisms of the AMA. Customers can expect best quality and a top quality produce. The respectful and human treatment of the animals is a top priority. In order to ensure stress-free slaughter, the Mayr Fleisch Metzgerei only works with specially trained specialists.


“If somebody loves and lives regionality, than that’s us.”

– Josef Mayr, owner of the Mayr Fleisch butchery

Sitzplätze innen im Gourmet Restaurant mit zwei Hauben Schaufelspitz

“From the region for the region”

Manfred Unterkirchner, gastronomy manager of the Stubai Glacier speaks in a short interview about the “GenussWirte” distinction and he reveals which vision is pursued.

What does this distinction mean for the restaurants on the Stubai Glacier?

This confirms our decision to pursue the use of regional produce.  We want to support the suppliers in the valley and want to know where it comes from. We place our emphasis on quality and regionality. Our guests appreciate this.

How many percent of the produced used in the kitchens is home-made by the restaurants?

Authenticity, sustainability, regionality and the accordance of the produce and its origin are getting increasingly important. That is why our innovative chefs make about 93% of the dishes themselves.

What speaks in favour of using local produce?

We pursue a clear strategy for our restaurants and our guests: a Stubai Valley, where it is worth living in. That is why we are committed to the use of safe, high-quality and affordable food, ideally from the region for the region.


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