Best domestic quality

for 44 years

The building works for the 3S Eisgratbahn or the ingredients for the restaurants with their high culinary standards:

The Stubaier Bergbahnen rely in many areas on businesses from the valley. The Stern butchery in Neustift has been a regional supplier from the very beginning.

The Stern butchery is a family business with a long tradition. The recipe of the success of the Stern speck is inseparably connected to the Autenhof farm in Neustift in the Stubai. The Stern family has made its speck there for more than 500 years. Today the butchery is in the village centre of Neustift and is run by Walter Stern and his two brothers Fritz and Rainer. “We have supplied the restaurants of the glacier ski area with our products ever since the opening of it”, the man from Neustift remembers smilingly.

The Stern butchery based in Neustift has been among the first suppliers. “All butcheries in the valley had to hand in samples. Our quality convinced them.” In the first years flexibility was called for in the business, since not always quantities were specified. “Often we didn’t have enough. Then we had to work throughout the night and complete the order on the next day.”

Important for the region

“Cooperation has been smooth from the very first day. This still applies today”, stresses the 65-year old. Currently the local traditional business supplies the restaurants on the glacier with different types of bacon and sausages such as Frankfurter, Burenwurst (scalded sausage), Bratwurst or grill sausages. Still today the Stubai Glacier is one of the biggest buyers of the butchery and for Walter Stern this is significant for the whole valley: “Without the glacier ski area with its snow reliability for winter sports athletes the Stubai Valley would be quite different.”

The Terminator likes it

Arnold Schwarzenegger is also among the customers of the Stern butchery shop. He usually is in the Tyrol during the time of the Hahnenkamm race and likes to stock up on speck produce there. Also many renowned mountaineers, such as the first European woman on the Mountain Everest, Wanda Rutkiewicz, regularily visit the shop. The millennium speck, an own creation, is known far beyond the valley.  What makes it so special? “We use an ancient family recipe that was handed on over many generations. We have refined the recipe. Decisive for the taste are the special spice blend as well as the selection of the mean”, reveals Stern.

Demand for regional produce

“The demand for local food has continuously risen over the last years”, confirms the Stubai-born man the trend towards regionality. “The people in the shops, but also the restaurants often ask for the origin. That is why we have many regular customers”, knows the passionate butcher. “With a few exceptions, we produce everything ourselves. We use 100% domestic produce. Half of the meat we process comes directly from farmers in the valley. We have always excelled with our consequent strive towards quality”, says Stern, who when he was younger went mountaineering in the Himalaya with Wolfgang Nairz and Horst Fankhauser.  “Nowadays I take it easy, but I still spend a lot of time in nature and on our glacier of course.”

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