Bollywood on the Stubai Glacier

Behind the scenes
"Saaho" – is the most expensive Bollywood movie so far. And a part of this action thriller, namely the love song “Enni Soni” was shot among other locations at the TOP OF TYROL at 3,210m.

At the end of June 2019, the TOP OF TYROL summit platform became the stage for two of the currently biggest Bollywood starts: Prabhas Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor. While the new film “Sahoon” is turbulent and packed with action, the actors show their soft side on the Stubai Glacier. A touch of romance is a must also in action thrillers and in particular in Bollywood productions.

Unlike most Bollywood songs, Enni Soni abstains from special effects and glitz – the scenery and the leading actress Shradda Kapoor in her yellow dress are focused on – and this on the TOP OF TYROL at more than 3,000m of altitude.

Up to now, the song which was released already before the official start of the movie – as it is the fashion in Indian film -  has been watched more than 58 million times on YouTube (as of 28 Aug. 2919).

Sahoo is released on 30 August in cinemas – for the time being “only” in four languages (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam). A version with English subtitles will also be released.

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