Glorious winter weather, icy temperatures, lovely hiking weather in the summer, weather warnings, information on the ski area or open and closed slopes – all of this information is given by the info voice. It keeps you up to date throughout the ski area.

Information about our events taking place, the possible failure of a lift, closed slopes, critical announcements or emergencies - our information voice in the background accompanies you through the day on the Stubai Glacier.

So who are the ladies who keep us constantly informed about when, where or what is going on at the glacier?

Most of the time you hear Rita Nimmrichter. She has been part of the Stubai Glacier team since 1989 and is a true Tyrolean. Due to her many years of working in the ski area, there is almost nothing she hasn't experienced. She is supported by Laura and the cash desk team.

Her tasks are manifold, but first let's turn our attention to the announcements. Some of the announcements are pre-recorded to be played back when needed. For example:
“Die Gastronomie und der Intersport schließen in 10 Minuten“. (The restaurants and the Intersport shops close in 10 minutes”.)

However, most announcements are so individual that they are spoken live e.g. when a child is missing, an ID or an annual ski pass / Freizeitticket has been found.


Portrait von Mitarbeiterin Rita von der Information Eisgrat
Info voice Rita
Employee Rita from the Eisgrat station
Portrait von Kassa Mitarbeiterin und Infostimme Laura
Info voice Laura
Ticket office employee and info voice Laura

Where does the information voice sit?

You will find the info voice at the Eisgrat mountain station. She sits at the information desk and always has an open ear for you.

Which other tasks does the information team have?

The info team not only has the task of making announcements, but is also acts as intermediary between your enquiries, the training teams, the control centre, the ticket office, catering, Intersport, ... and so on.

All enquiries are processed and solved here. Be it someone has lost something or needs the piste rescue service, is looking for a friend, is wondering where the Kinderland is and many other requests.

Also, in coordination with the piste department, the info sets the lifts and pistes on the large panorama boards to "red or green". So that you know which lifts and cable cars are in operation, which pistes are open for skiing and which are closed.

In addition, training teams like to use the information as a contact point to ask whether the piste reservation has been fixed, when the coaches' meeting will take place or whether they can change the discipline from slalom to giant slalom.

In other words: the info team knows it all.

How can you hear the announcements?

There are loudspeakers throughout the ski area, whether on the lift supports, in the station buildings or directly in the gondola. Take a look around on your next visit to the Stubai Glacier and maybe you'll find a speaker or two.


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Vater, Mutter und  zwei Kinder sitzen am Sessellift im Skigebiet vor Winterpanorama
The family-friendly Stubai Glacier ski area is suitable both for ski beginners making their first turns in the snow and for daredevil children and their first jumps over small jumps.
3S Eisgratbahn Kabinen im Winter
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