Stubai Ultratrail

CITY2GLACIER over 67 km from Innsbruck to the Stubai Glacier: 5,110 metres of ascent and 2,820 metres of descent
Eisgrat mountain station
Stubai Glacier

The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL is unique in the world. It connects Innsbruck, the alpine-urban capital of the Alps, with the great mountain and glacier world of the Stubai Valley!

Can you actually improve on an ultimate challenge? Yes, you can. And that's exactly what the Stubai Ultratrail has done every year so far, always optimizing the routes. After the spectacular start of the STUBAI ULTRATRAIL in summer 2017, trail runners can look forward to the already 7th edition of the STUBAI ULTRATRAIL under the name "city2glacier" on 29 June 2024!

The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL is the ultimate challenge in the heart of the Alps. Under the motto "city2glacier" , the challenge is to run from the Olympic city of Innsbruck in the middle of Tyrol up to almost 3,000 meters above sea level on the Stubai Glacier within one day - from the city to the eternal ice.

There are five trail lengths on offer, from the 7.5-kilometre STUBAI K8 to the 67-kilometre STUBAI ULTRATRAIL K67 with 5,110 metres of elevation gain. In between are the distances of the STUBAI K31 with 31 kilometres, the STUBAI K18 with 18 kilometres and the STUBAI K15 with 15 kilometres.

The distances of the Stubai Ultratrail:

STUBAI ULTRATRAIL K67: 67 km; ↑ 5,110 metres in ascent; ↓ 2,820 metres in descent
STUBAI K31: 31 km; ↑ 2,630 m ascent, ↓ 720 m descent
STUBAI K18: 18 km; ↑ 1,796 metres in ascent; ↓ 75 metres in descent
STUBAI K15: 15 km; ↑ 700 metres of ascent; ↓ 700 metres of descent
STUBAI K8: 7.5 km; ↑ 1,210 metres of ascent; ↓ 35 metres of descent

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