3.2.1… …Let’s embark on a tour of the Stubai Glacier ski carousel


But what is a ski carousel anyway?

If you hear carousel, you will probably think of a traditional merry-go-round, often with antiquely designed horses or carriages turning in circles at fairgrounds and amusement parks. This leads us directly to the next question:

What actually is the ski carousel on the Stubai Glacier?

You’re mistaken if you think that there is a classic brightly flashing and noisy carousel like at a fairground, where you can simply leave your skis on, in the middle of the glacier world. This wouldn’t fit into the vastness of nature and into this breath-taking mountain scenery. In relation to a ski area, a “carousel” is several lifts that make individual slopes on the Stubai Glacier easy to ski in one go. Since the 6-seater Fernau chairlift went into operation in November 2000, all winter sports athletes have had access to the carousel as it is today.