5 quiet summer spots

Even in such a well-known and popular hiking area as the Stubai Glacier, there are still some oases of peace and hidden places of power to discover. We tell you where you can enjoy the perfect summer day and what there is to discover.


1. Relax at Egesensee

The physically demanding but extremely scenic circular trail starts at the Fernau middle station. The route leads via the Dresdner Hütte to the Egesensee lake. The mountain lake guarantees cooling on hot summer days and invites you to take a long rest with a panoramic view. The same way downhill or as a loop over the Egesen Nieder (2,506 m) then leads back to the starting point.

Track:                                  3.15 Kilometer

Walking time:                     1:20 hrs

Requirements:                  Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes

Bergsee Wanderung. Egesensee Stubaier Gletscher

2. Gazing at 3,000m-peaks at Mutterberger See lake

The Dresdner Hütte next to the middle station of the Stubaier Gletscherbahn lift is the starting point of this intermediately difficult circular tour. Serpentines lead up to the Egesensee lake and then to Niederl crossing. Through the “Wilde Grube” one continues down to the “Regensburgerbrüggl” and from there along the Stubai Höhenweg trail to the Mutterberger See lake. Don’t forget to bring your camera: There you can make fantastic pictures of the impressive 3,000m-peaks of the “Wilder Freier”, the “Wilder Pfaff” and the “Zuckerhütl” mirroring in the lake, before you continue along a path towards Mutterbergeralm and past small lakes and moors across the “Wilde Grube” back to the Fernau mid-station.

Route                                  15 kilometeres

Walking time                     4 hrs.

Requirements                   Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes, good fitness level

Mutterbergersee hike Stubai Glacier
Mutterbergersee mountain landscape
Family hiking in the mountains, Mutterbergersee Stubai Glacier

3. Down the Glacier Path to the Reservoir

From the Eisgrat mountain station (2,900) the moderately difficult path leads past the ice grotto to the Fernau mid-station (2,300m). Impressive glacial polish of the Eisjoch Ferner and the moraine are silent witnesses of past glacier advances. Not far from the mid-station, the Fernau reservoir with its hidden oases of peace invites to let the day come to an end in a relaxed way. Don’t forget to bring a picnic!

TIP Half-way along the route from the ice grotto towards the Dresdner Hütte and the reservoir lake is a high-altitude plateau with a small lake – dreamlike!

Altitude difference               600m

Walking time                        1.5 hrs.

Requirements                        Sure-footedness, sturdy shoes

4. Taking Deep Breaths at the Mutterberg Waterfall

Starting point of this interesting tour is the Gamsgarten valley-station.  Across a bridge one gets to the Mutterberg waterfall and in a small loop one conveniently gets back to the car park, past the Alpensporthotel Mutterberg. A longer break at the Stubai waterfalls is not only worthwhile because of the view, but it is also good for your health. The fine aerosols and negative air ions penetrate deep into your lungs and clean it sustainably. Take deep breaths and enjoy.

Route                                  2.15 kilometres

Walking time                     45 min.

Requirements                   Sturdy shoes

5. Finding peace at more than 3,000m

The Schaufeljoch mountain chapel with a size of less than ten square metres is a place with a very special atmosphere. It is a place to find inner peace and a place of contemplation.  If you catch the first ride with the Eisgrat and Schaufeljochbahn lifts uphill, you can enjoy the panoramic view to both sides of the ridge undisturbed. Yoga, meditation, prayer or a look beyond one’s own nose – this powerful place welcomes everyone.

Walking time                                 a few minutes from the mountain station of the                                                             Schaufeljoch gondola

Requirements                               Take your time!


  • All routes require sure-footedness.
  • Please inform about the weather conditions ahead of your hike!
  • The Stubai Glacier is a high mountainous area: Don’t forget to bring weather-proof clothes and sufficient provisions and water!
  • The tours described are not suitable for small children!

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