Ski Holidays and CO2 Emissions

Grafik Sommer und Winter Berg mit Häusern

(c) Stubaier Gletscher | Fachverband Seilbahnen, WKÖ

Are skiing holidays really that bad for your CO2 footprint?


Every holiday is connected with mobility, temporary accommodation and various leisure time activities – all these cause greenhouse gas emissions.


The Federal Environment Agency has compared typical types of holidays based on their greenhouse gas emissions.

The amount of these emissions depends on many parameters. In addition to the nature of the holidays, the duration, the means of traffic used for getting there and back, the accommodation as well as the types of activities pursued in the holidays contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Based on typical Austria-specific parameters for the duration of the stay and the number of holidaying persons, illustration 1 shows the following picture of greenhouse gas emissions per person and day for different types of holidays.