Closed for maintenance

• ski operation on the Stubai Glacier until incl. 21 May
• 22 May -30 June: no lift operation on the Stubai Glacier due to maintenance works
• from 1 July: summer operation; uphill lift rides with the 3S Eisgratbahn and the Schaufeljochbahn lift to the TOP OF TYROL at 3,1650 metres.
• from 11 September: uphill rides to the Gamsgarten mountain station for pedestrians (2,600m – Eisgratbahn and Schaufeljochbahn in maintenance from 11 September onwards).
• early October 2023: start of ski operation (depending on snow conditions).

Ski operation: to 21 May 2023

22 May - 30 June 2023: No operation on the Stubia Glacier due to maintenance works.

From 1 July 2023 onwards: summer operation - lift operation to the TOP OF TYROL 3,210m.

Subject to changes.

What is maintenance?

A common and absolutely unavoidable term in ropeway language is maintenance, in German"Revision". The word “Revision” is derived from the Latin re- "again", "back" and vifere "to look at" and means as much as "review" or "examination", as a brief explanation for all non-cableway people among the readers. During the last maintenance period, I looked over the shoulder of the staff of the Stubai Glacier...

Summer 2023

There is plenty to explore all year through in the Kingdom of Snow. Pure fascination for the young and old. The TOP OF TYROL summit platform at 3,210 metres offers a breath-taking 360° panoramic view.  The six-metre-high mammoth made from wood invites all kids to play and romp about.

Hikers and mountaineers appreciate the Stubai Glacier as starting point for tours in medium altitude and for glacier tours.