Packing List for Skiing Holidays on the Stubai Glacier

Packing list for your ski holidays on the Stubai Glacier

You need to bring quite a bit for your skiing holidays on the Stubai Glacier. We can help you with a few tips.

Packing List for Skiing Holidays

I am packing my suitcase …

The days are numbered and the countdown has started. The time has come: Winter is at our doorstep. Mother Hulda has already taken up her work so that the Stubai Glacier could already start into the 2019/2020 ski season and in many places people have started to plan their skiing holidays.

Holidays bring up a tiresome topic: suitcase packing. And many ask themselves the question: What do I need for a skiing holiday?

To facilitate the packing and to take some of your worries off you,  we have asked our experts on site and compiled a packing list – nothing can stop you from enjoying carefree skiing holidays or a skiing day now.

Skis, boots and ski poles

Without the real equipment you can’t properly enjoy skiing or snowboarding. That is why the skis or boards are on top of the packing list. Instead of bringing your own equipment, you can of course rent the latest ski equipment right in the ski area and also store it there. Conveniently at one of our four Intersport OKAY Shop and Rent on the glacier – including the best advice.

Safety comes first: ski helmet and ski goggles

To be safe on the slopes, one thing is a must: the ski helmet. It has long since become a fashionable accessory that not only protects your head, but also from the cold. Just as important are good ski goggles, because the excessive UV radiation in high altitudes irritates the eyes. In heavy snowfall it is also important that the goggles aren’t to dark to be able to have a good view. Of course, you can order these items conveniently in the online shop of

 Sun protection for skiing and the mountains

The topic of sun protection is particularly important on the glacier. Due to the combination of sunlight and the reflection of the rays from the snow(fields), proper sun protection for the face and eyes is a must  at an altitude of more than 3,000m. In addition to appropriate sunscreen you need lip care with an appropriate sun protection filter.   

The right ski wear

Often underestimated but definitely worth an investment is the right ski wear. Professionals often speak of different layers: In German one refers to it as “onion skin look”. The perfect day of skiing starts with functional underwear. It has the advantage to store body heat, transports sweat to the outside and regulates your body temperature. Special ski socks prevent unpleasant pressure points and ensure that you have warm feet. For those who get easily cold (Yes, it can be really cold on the glacier!) we recommend additionally a softshell or down jacket. Not only to be in line with the latest fashion, but also to enjoy the day without feeling cold. Last but not least waterproof ski pants and a waterproof jacket are a must.

Gloves, caps & co

Most of the heat is lost over the head and the hands. Therefore, even during a short break, it is important to have a cap or headband at hand. Ín addition to gloves, we also recommend a multifunctional headwear that can be used as cap, headband or scarf – and can be easily put in any jacket pocket.


Mobile charging station, Eisgrat, Stubai Glacier

Achtung: Kälte entlädt Handy Akkus schneller

Die winterlichen Temperaturen haben nicht nur auf unseren Körper, sondern auch auf technische Geräte einen Einfluss. Daher unbedingt Ladekabel mitnehmen und das Handy vor dem Skitag ganz aufladen. Handy in einer warmen Tasche am Körper tragen und Mobile Daten möglichst ausschalten, um sparsam mit der Akkulaufzeit umzugehen. Denn durch die Kälte entladen sich Akkus schneller. Du kannst Dein Mobiltelefon natürlich auch am Stubaier Gletscher aufladen. Beachte diese Ladestation an der Bergstation Eisgrat gegenüber der Info und am Gamsgarten beim Intersport Okay.

Immer dabei: Papiere und Unterlagen

… dürfen auf keiner Reise fehlen. Aber auch am Gletscher solltet ihr folgende Dinge dabei haben:

TIPP: Ticket vorab online buchen, damit man an der Kasse nicht mehr anstehen muss.

Dann kann es eigentlich schon losgehen. Ganz nach dem Motto: „Am Freitog auf'd Nocht montier' i die Schi, auf mei' Auto und dann begib' i mi in's Stubaital“ – bis bald am Gletscher!


 Psst! Falls du vor lauter Vorfreude doch etwas vergessen haben solltest, schau doch einfach in eine unserer Filialen von Intersport OKAY am Gletscher vorbei oder in unserem Online Shop 


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