Rental of hiking equipment


Rental of hiking equipment

Phew – it is so hot in the valley, where else besides the swimming baths or lakes can I find relief from the heat?

You could put your head in the freezer compartment – but no! There is a better solution! A hike into the mountains of the Stubai Glacier is a fantastic idea. There the temperatures are pleasantly cool, despite the summer heat and it is a fantastic opportunity to visit the glacier in the summer for once.

Back to the Ice Age - a huge mammoth made of wood is waiting for our little visitors. A glance into the foot of the mammoth tells me that it is a play paradise for children. Climbing, playing inside and sliding down. The children get into the mammoth in different ways: on a rope, along wall bars or by climbing.

Before having a break, I want to visit the summit platform. I get there conveniently by lift and have to climb only a few steps before being at the TOP OF TYROL at 3,200m. Phew, I have to take it slowly, the altitude is noticeable. It’s quite strenuous here at an altitude of over 3000 metres! So, I walk slowly. The effort was worth it though. What a fantastic view of the Stubai Alps. Marvellous!

WATCH OUT! Should you plan a multi-day hike, glacier crossing or a summit tour, it must be thoroughly planned. You must be very sure-footed and consider the weather conditions. There is also the danger of crevasses.

If you have no alpine experience, please contact a mountain guide. They are happy to accompany you.

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