Rental of hiking equipment

Is it possible to go hiking spontaneously, without any equipment? Yes, at the Intersport Okay on the Stubai Glacier you can rent your hiking equipment.

Rental of hiking equipment

Phew – it is so hot in the valley, where else besides the swimming baths or lakes can I find relief from the heat?

You could put your head in the freezer compartment – but no! There is a better solution! A hike into the mountains of the Stubai Glacier is a fantastic idea. There the temperatures are pleasantly cool, despite the summer heat and it is a fantastic opportunity to visit the glacier in the summer for once.

But without proper equipment, spontaneously, without any planning? What shall I do now? No worries, at the Intersport Okay shops on the Stubai Glacier you can rent your equipment conveniently on site.

You can rent the following equipment on site:

  • hiking boots for ladies, men and children
  • hiking poles
  • snow spikes (overlays for hiking boots, for hikes on slippery terrain)
  • gloves

For the fast-decided or for a one-day excursion to the glacier no special planning is required.

But if you plan a bigger tour, good preparation and planning, most importantly a checklistfor the most important equipment is advisable.

A hike will be specifically pleasant if all fits well and you are protected from wind and weather. The well-trained employees of Intersport Okay on the Stubai Glacier are happy ot help you in that respect.

Depending on which kind of tour you are planning, different kind of equipment is required.

Do you just want to make an easy hike, visit the ice grotto, admire the life-sized mammoth and walk up to the Top of Tyrol summit platformat 3,210m?

The following equipment will do:

  • hiking trousers
  • hiking boots
  • T-shirt
  • light jacket
  • headgear
  • sunglasses (at least category 3, better 4)
  • possibly hiking poles
  • rucksack with snack and filled water bottle
  • first aid kit
  • sun cream (at least SPF 30, better 50)
  • smartphone/mobile phone
  • neckerchief/bandana

First into the ice grotto, because it is right below the Eisgrat Intersport Okay Shops.

There I will need my jacket, because there is a constant temperature of 0°C in the ice grotto – in summer and winter alike.

On my way to the ice grotto I spot a giant wooden mammoth. A glance into the foot of the mammoth tells me that it is a play paradise for children. Climbing, playing inside and sliding down. The children get into the mammoth in different ways: on a rope, along wall bars or by climbing.

Before having a break, I want to visit the summit platform. I get there conveniently by lift and have to climb only a few steps before being at the TOP OF TYROL at 3,200m. Phew, I have to take it slowly, the altitude is noticeable. It’s quite strenuous here at an altitude of over 3000 metres! So, I walk slowly. The effort was worth it though. What a fantastic view of the Stubai Alps. Marvellous!

WATCH OUT! Should you plan a multi-day hike, glacier crossing or a summit tour, it must be thoroughly planned. You must be very sure-footed and consider the weather conditions. There is also the danger of crevasses.

If you have no alpine experience, please contact a mountain guide. They are happy to accompany you.

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