Reservoir pond



Our snowmaking system on the Stubai Glacier has been in operation for over 30 years. It has been extended and expanded in several stages. In the winter season, this system provides snow for pistes covering around 70 hectares.

The new construction includes the building of a reservoir pond including pumping station and the installation of surplus material on existing piste areas. In addition, the required field pipes will be laid and two pressure boosting stations will be built. Only existing pistes will be supplied with snow.


Good to know

  • When building the reservoir pond, we make sure that it fits into the landscape.
  • When snow is produced, water is not consumed but used. The melting snow returns it to the natural cycle.
  • The water from artificial snow has drinking water quality.
  • For the production of artificial snow only air, water and cold temperatures are required.


The Gamsgarten II Reservoir Pond in numbers

● Altitude: 2,600 metres

● Volume: 308,000 m³

● Artificial snow for a piste area of 70 hectares

● Building time: April 2022 – September 2023

● Investment volume: 25 million euros