Are you ready for the start of the winter season? The sun is shining, the powder snow is waiting, the mountains are calling. But, oh dear! You skiwear that you quickly mothballed last spring could do with a proper refreshing treatment? No problem: Intersport pro Denis has plenty of tips for appropriate washing and grooming of ski clothing.


UV rays, freezing cold, sweat, sunscreen or ketchup stains. Ski jackets and pants will certainly face quite a few challenges in the upcoming season again. To be able to wear your favourites for a long time, the right care is essential. In order not to impair the function of your high-performance materials, you should wash your ski clothing as seldom as possible. If, however, extensive airing is no longer enough, manager Denis from Intersport Okay at the Gamsgarten has good advice: “Careful care is particularly important for ski clothing and own jackets, Therefore, the first thing to do is to look at the label of the maker.”



Don’t be afraid of the washing machine: Ski clothing may and can be thoroughly cleaned – but only as often as absolutely necessary. The manufacturer's information provides initial information on how and with what you treat your clothes as gently as possible. “I recommend to resort to washing detergents that are specifically made for functional material. There are  special laundry detergents for down clothing”,  says Deni.  High-quality detergents also have a hygienic effect that removes odours even after the wash cycle for delicates. In the experience of the pro, cheaper detergents from discounters won’t do: “I advise you to stick to the recommended temperature of the maker. New models of washing machines have additional programmes, such as a delicates programme.” In addition, you should impregnate your ski clothing from time to time. This way, the functionality can be reactivated and the beading effect is renewed.

Tip from Denis“Use the spray can every two to three washes and be sure to go outside.“

Open your eyers

If you want to make things easier for yourself later, you can pay attention to easy-care materials when buying. But it always depends on the desired function. Denis and his colleagues in the sports shops therefore attach great importance to individual advice: "Even if good clothing costs a little more, you benefit from durability and comfort." When it comes to functionality, it is therefore worth choosing products from brand manufacturers such as Gore-Tex , Dermizax, PrimaLoft or similar.

Season Opening & Ending

“Usually, before storing your ski clothing, you should wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the label, dry it and hang it in the closed or stow it away in some other way. In the case of gloves, it is recommended – if the label says this is possible – to wash them by hand”, Dany reveals his ritual after the last day of skiing.

If you missed this at the end of the season, you can follow the same procedure at the start of the season. Thoroughly impregnate your clothing and nothing stands in the way of the first days of skiing. If you don't want to give smelly ski boots a chance in the future, you should always dry them at the end of your ski day and ventilate them thoroughly before putting them away. "There are also small, mobile shoe dryers on the market for this," says Denis and points out the possibility of using shoe disinfectants.

Packing list for your ski holidays on the Stubai Glacier


  • Don’t load the washing machine at full capacity.
  • Turn clothing inside out.
  • Close zips and Velcro fasteners.
  • Read the manufacturer’s label.
  • Use the right washing detergent.
  • Select a suitable washing programme.
  • Dry clothes gently.
  • Don’t forget to impregnate your clothing.


  • Avoid the spin cycle.
  • Select a low temperature.
  • Add a few tennis balls to the dryer for the downs not to stick together.


Off to the piste now! The Intersport Okay and the Stubai Glacier hope you are having a great skiing season!

Packing list for ski holidays

For your skiing holidays at the Stubai Glacier you need to bring quite a bit. We help you with some tips.

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