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Never miss a powder day thanks to WhatsApp!

This Service is completely free and thanks to WhatsApp's broadcast function completely anonymous. You won't receive any calls nor advertisements. 

You can choose between "News", "Wetter & Powder Alert", "Taegliches Wetter" and "Trainingsmannschaften". By choosing the "News" category you will receive WhatsApp messages about upcoming events, special offers and general Stubai Glacier news. By choosing the "Wetter - & Powderalert" you will receive WhatsApp messages whenever there is fresh snow in the forecast. You will also get informed about road closures, storm closures and in case of other unpredictable incidents. 

If you register for all categories you will receive a maximum of two messages a day. If you register only for news you will not hear from us on a regular basis, only in case of news. If you register for the "Taegliches Wetter" you will receive one message per day with the current weather information. If you choose the 'Wetter- & Powderalert" you receive one message every Thursday with the weather outlook for the weekend and if our weather station has registered more than 20 cm of fresh snow over the past 24 hours you will receive a powder alert. 

ATTENTION: Until further notice this service is only available in German!

How to sign up:

  1. Insert your mobile's number in the form below
  2. Choose one of the categories
  3. Click "Anmelden"
  4. The form should refresh. Add the then appearing number to your contacts
  5. Send a WhatsApp message to your new Stubai Glacier contact
  6. As soon as the two blue ticks appear, you're signed up and receive all the latest news from Stubai Glacier
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Your holiday is over and you don't want to receive any more Stubai Glacier WhatsApp messages? 


  • Send ‚Stop‘ via WhatsApp to your Stubai Glacier Contact.
  • If you want us to delete all your information please send 'Alle Daten entfernen' to the Stubai Glacier contact