Stubai Zoo Snowpark Set-Up

Important Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it's unfortunately not possible to open the DC Stubai Zoo at its original spot at the moment, as the Gaisskar lift can't go into operation until further notice.
Glacier movement this summer has demanded adjustments to the lift’s cable and cable carrying wheels - a standard operation for the maintenance of T-Bar lifts.
With new European Union regulations put in place this summer, the appropriate authorities in Austria have not granted the permission for the adjustments in time.
We can assure that Stubai Glacier is doing everything in their power to put the Gaisskar T-Bar bar into operation as soon as possible.

In order to still offer a park set-up, the alternative set-up from the Stubai Premiere at the Eisjochferner will remain open as long as possible.
As soon as the Gaisskar lift can go back into operation, the DC Stubai Zoo will be back at its original spot.

Thanks for your understanding, 

your Stubai Zoo & Stubai Glacier Team