The viewing platform on the Stubai Glacier

Top of Tyrol


Immerse yourself in the mountainous splendor of the Stubai Alps and let the panoramic views captivate you, stretching all the way to the Dolomites. The summit platform, TOP OF TYROL, situated at 3,210 meters above sea level, is a truly unique haven to catch your breath, indulge in the moment, and explore the wonders of nature.

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Aussichtspunkt Gipfelplattform TOP OF TYROL
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last update: 20.06.24 14:15

Experience Panoramic Views

  • Elevate your perspective on our viewing platform at 3,210 meters above sea level. Revel in breathtaking panoramic views spanning from the Stubai Alps to the Dolomites.

  • Marvel at a vista encompassing 109 peaks towering above three thousand meters.

  • Soaring 9 meters beyond the rock, this architectural marvel, crafted from 20 tons of steel, provides an unparalleled panorama.

  • Take a moment to breathe, gaze, and savor the unparalleled beauty.

Recognized by GEO magazine as one of the top 10 most beautiful viewing platforms worldwide, TOP OF TYROL invites you to embrace the extraordinary.


Viscope telescope

Complimentary Telescope at the TOP OF TYROL Viewing Platform

Unveil the secrets of the mountains with the Viscope telescope at the TOP OF TYROL viewing platform. As you peer through the lens, not only will you marvel at the numerous peaks, but the telescope will also reveal the names of each majestic mountain, enhancing your experience and connection with the breathtaking scenery. It's more than just sightseeing – it's a journey of discovery.


Healthy mountain air

A healthy soul resides in a healthy body. Active holidays mobilise your energy levels far beyond your stay. Among the positive effects of exercise in the crisp high-altitude mountain air is the regeneration of red  blood cells and the improved oxygen levels of the body. Visit the Stubai Glacier and you will feel better!

Eingeschneite Gipfelplattform Top of Tyrol am Stubaier Gletscher

Closed despite of good weather?

Especially after snowfall, the TOP OF TYROL summit platform may be closed.

As fresh snow is often accompanied by wind, cornices up to 3.5m high can develop on the ridge on which the platform rests, which can only be removed by hand. This clearing work can take from a few hours to a few days. To remove the cornices in the adjacent picture from April 2019, 11 men spent four hours shovelling.

We thank you for your understanding, should the TOP OF TYROL summit platform be closed in the winter, despite of good weather conditions.