THE YEARS 1968 - 1979


Foundation of the Wintersport Tirol AG & CO Stubaier Bergbahnen KG by Dr.Heinrich Klier. Dr. Klier is the head of the Wintersport Tirol AG, which already has built and operates several lifts in the Unterinntal Valley. For the KG an administrative council with Dr. Walter Waizer as president is set up.


Planing and building of the Serleslifte Mieders on Koppeneck. 
Winter bed nights Neustift: 37,562.


Difficult negotiations with the authorities and land owners. Precious support by mayor Sigmund Schönherr, valley board chairman Aner Hass and the corporate counsel Dr. Bernhard Heitzmann. 
Inhabitants Neustift: 2,850.


Building of the Ranalt-Mutterberg glacier road (private road) without support of the public hand.


29 October: opening of the Stubai Glacier road
Building start for the aerial ropeway


May: opening of the ZUB glacier lift section I.
October: The first gondolas head for Eisgrat, section II of the ZUB. Winter bed nights in Neustift almost tripled to 92,199.
On exactly this weekend the Sunday driving ban was introduced in Germany. The result: an empty car park at our base station. We organise bus journeys from Munich to the Stubai Valley. Our advertising and marketing activities are headed by the slogan “Kingdom of Snow”. Our logo, the crown with the snow crystal, has become established and is still used today.


Plenty of snow in this winter; It is attempted to trigger avalanches by helicopter for the first time.
April: opening of the restaurant at Eisgrat;
June: opening of the main lift and of Eisjochlift with minister of transport Lanc and provincial government representative Bassetti.
Winter bed nights Neustift: 161,678.


First year of full operation. Fernau lifts start operating in autumn.


Eisjochlift II starts operation in August. Year of the Olympic Games in Innsbruck. Already good frequentation after only three seasons.
Hotel Happy Stubai is built and opened in Neustift/Neder. It is the valley’s first 4-star hotel.  Owner is the Wintersport Tirol AG & CO Happy Stubai KG.


Because of too much fresh snow the glacier road must be closed unfortunately for longer periods. Planning of avalanche galleries.
Winter bed nights Neustift: 224,935.


Building and start of operation of the Gaisskarferner glacier lift.  Application for a concession to build a parallel lift – the building of which is unnecessarily delayed by useless opposition of some lateral thinkers in the Neustift tourist board by three years.


Main lift is used as material ropeway.
Winter bed nights Neustift: 319,259.
Total bed nights Stubai: 1,539,028.