3.2.1… …Let’s embark on a tour of the Stubai Glacier ski carousel


But what is a ski carousel anyway? If you hear carousel, you will probably think of a traditional merry-go-round, often with antiquely designed horses or carriages turning in circles at fairgrounds and amusement parks. This leads us directly to the next question:

What actually is the ski carousel on the Stubai Glacier? You’re mistaken if you think that there is a classic brightly flashing and noisy carousel like at a fairground, where you can simply leave your skis on, in the middle of the glacier world. This wouldn’t fit into the vastness of nature and into this breath-taking mountain scenery. In relation to a ski area, a “carousel” is several lifts that make individual slopes on the Stubai Glacier easy to ski in one go. Since the 6-seater Fernau chairlift went into operation in November 2000, all winter sports athletes have had access to the carousel as it is today.

Berg Panorama

Thetour through the ski area leads around the Schaufelspitze on the Stubai Glacier. “What is the Schaufelspitze?”, you might ask now. The 3,332m-high Schaufelspitze summit towers majestically above the Kingdom of Snow and is a striking summit in the Stubai Alps. In the summer, the Schaufelspitze can be easily reached by experienced mountaineers from the mountain station of the Stubaier Geltscherbahnen at the Schaufeljoch, which is at an altitude of 3,158 metres west of the summit. In the winter – usually from November into spring time – the impressive Schaufelspitze can be circled on skis or on your snowboard by conquering the ski carousel. The highest spot is the mountain station of the 2-seater Wildspitz chairlift at an altitude of 3,212 metres from where you enjoy an unobstructed panoramic view.


  1. 3S Eisgratbahn to the mountain station
  2. Piste 4 Fernau access
  3. Fernau chairlift
  4. Piste 5c Sonnenhang
  5. Gaiskarferner T-bar lift
  6. Piste 6 Windachferner
  7. Wildspitz chairlift
  8. Piste 9 Daunenhang
  9. Piste 7 Daunferner
  10. Piste 7a Eisnase ski path

Using the “iSki Tracker” app, leisure skiers and snowboarders should plan 1 ½ hours for the entire tour starting from the Eisgrat mountain station. Faster winter sports athletes can conquer the approximately 10km in 30 to 60 minutes – without a break stop.

Where to go when hunger is calling?

It is well known that exercise outdoors makes one hungry, which is why there are several restaurants and huts for culinary rest stops along the pistes of ski carousel’s route on the Stubai Glacier.

  • Restaurants at the Eisgrat
    • Self-service restaurant (highlight: homemade fresh pasta)
    • Steinbock Bar (highlight: coffee specialties and fine hot chocolates)
    • Schaufelspitz gourmet restaurant, the highest-located restaurant awarded with 3 toques in the world (highlight: fine pieces from the dry-aging fridge)
  • Bödelehütte (highlight: Stubai culinary delights)
  • Jochdohle (highlight: homemade burgers)