BIG Family mascots on the Stubai Glacier


Have you met Zottel, Bommel and Wollie? The funny "BIG Family Mascots" are romping around in the Kingdom of Snow and feel on top of the world in the eternal ice.

Mascot Zottel with skis

Zottel, the mighty king from the eternal ice, has lived on the Stubai Glacier for thousands of years. At the first glance, he is quite calm and chilled out. But Zottel is also really cool and loves action-packed adventures. He didn’t know that himself for a long time, until one day in a snowstorm he met the brave little Bommel, who jumped his way through the thick flakes. Since then, the two have been inseparable, like father and son.

Mascot Bommel

Bommel, the lively fuzzy head is easy to inspire and above all curious. Nothing remains hidden from Bommel. How knows everything about the Stubai Glacier, knows every hidden nook and cranny. Speaking of hidden, do you know where Zottel and Bommel actually live?

Mammoth mascot Wollie

The fluffy woolly mammoth has only recently thawed out. The ice block on her tail is a reminder of that, look! Despite her size, Wollie is gentle and dreamy, likes to think back to times gone by, has a good sense of humour and is really funny. But she is a bit clumsy, which you wouldn’t expect from such a huge animal. Well, if you've been frozen for so long, you have to get used to so many new things around you. But don't worry, with the good-natured Zottel and the lively Bommel, Wollie has two loyal friends by her side who will go through thick and thin with her on the Stubai Glacier. And what about you? Surely you will be her friend too!

So off you go to new snowy adventures with Zottel, Bommel and Wollie in the Kingdom of Snow!

[Translate to EN:] Ein Mädchen und ein Junge stehen unter dem Startbogen BIG Family Boardercross Stubaier Gletscher
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