Powder Paradise: Freeridee Skiing on the Stubai Glacier on Powder Snow

created by Lotta Wiemers

The accompanying local mountain guides play a crucial role in making the adventure safe and unforgettable. During the days on the glacier, you not only celebrate the fun of freeriding, but also talk seriously about avalanche awareness. In practice, the participants are prepared for the challenges off the secured slopes. One of the main priorities is to raise awareness of alpine dangers. The mountain guides teach the ladies to read the signs of nature and assess risks. The aim is not only to enjoy the freedom of the open terrain, but also to take responsibility for their own well-being and that of the group. Of course, there is also a focus on improving off-piste skiing technique. The individual skills of the participants are taken into account and optimised through targeted coaching. The Powder Department Ladies Days therefore not only offer an adventure, but also an opportunity for personal development on wide freeride skis.

But before we girls hit the untouched slopes, there are a few important aspects to bear in mind when leaving the secured piste area:

1. Equipment is mandatory

In addition to the usual ski equipment, avalanche transceivers, avalanche probes and shovels are a must. The right equipment can save lives in an emergency.

2. Pay attention to the weather and avalanche situation

The mountain guides will inform you in advance about the current weather conditions and avalanche danger. It is crucial to take this information  into account and, if in doubt, to forego the adventure.

3. Communication in the group

Clear communication is essential. The group should agree on routes, stops and possible sources of danger. A well-coordinated team minimizes the risk.

4. Emergency plan

Every group should have an emergency plan. In the event of an avalanche or other incident, it is important to know how to act effectively and organise help.

5. Respect nature

Freeriding is not just about conquering the mountains, but also about respecting them. The Powder Department Ladies Days attach great importance to participants respecting and protecting their surroundings.

Freedom off the slopes undoubtedly requires a higher degree of responsibility. However, the Powder Department Ladies Days on the Stubai Glacier not only offer thrills and action, but also a safe platform to deepen your love of freeriding and learn the necessary skills in the process. It's the perfect mix of fun and common sense that makes these days an unforgettable experience.