The Who's Who of skier types on the Stubai Glacier

created by Romana Stohner-Hölzl

Fast racers, adventurous freeride skiers, sleek carvers, colourful retro skiers, gregarious après-skiers or the elegant wedel queens.Which skier personality do you identify with?

Skitypen: Der Carver

The carver

If you identify with this type of skiers, then you love to make turns on freshly groomed pistes and like to utilise the entire width of the slope with your wide turns. Unlike classic wedeln, you ski directly on the steel edge and love the speed that builds up during the ride.

Piste tip I: Carvers find a paradise on the Stubai Glacier. If you take the Fernau chairlift up, the blue Fernauferner or Fernaufernerschuss pistes can be tackled first; there you can utilise the entire piste in large radii. In combination with piste 4a, you have a long descent to the Fernau middle station with different slope gradients and a wide piste.


Piste tip II: The Eisjochzunge piste (1b) down to the Gamsgarten mountain station also offers a good combination of difficulty and fun factor for experienced carvers. It is a particularly wonderful skiing experience if you get up early in the morning and are one of the first to ski down the freshly prepared and untouched pistes.


Swift ski service

So that you don't have to make any compromises when skiing, it is important to have your skis serviced regularly. That way, your skis are always in good shape and the fun starts all over again with every descent! At our Intersport sports shops directly in the ski area, you can choose our “speed service” offer or chose to have your skis serviced overnight!


Our ski service offer at a glance:

  • Ski service right in the ski area in 20 minutes only or overnight
  • Free rental equipment during the service
  • Electronic binding safety check
  • Service safety pass
  • Linking of the ski service
  • More information is available here.
Skitypen: Racer

The racer

This type of ski is characterised by a streamlined racing suit and an irrepressible need for speed. On the Stubai Glacier, the racers can usually be seen training on the Daunferner race course. Here you can find more information about the training teams.


If you want to become a racer too, you can let off steam on the Eisjoch race track or on the speed track, even without a racing suit.

Skitypen: Einkehrschwung

The après-skier

If you belong to this type of skier, then stopping off after skiing is just as important to you as skiing itself. After an exciting day on the slopes, you love to round off the day's skiing in a convivial atmosphere. Our Schneekristall pavilion on the Stubai Glacier is the perfect place to party. The umbrella bar is located in the centre of the ski area and, with around 140 seats, offers the opportunity to have a really good time with chilled vibes, refreshing drinks, selected types of champagne and delicious snacks. Not forgetting the fantastic 360° view of the surrounding mountains.

Schneekristall pavilion – our tip for a rest stop on the Stubai Glacier

  • Opening times: daily from 8:30 a.m. – 4:14 p.m.
  • Located right at the Gamsgartenbahn mountain station
  • Roof that can be opened on sunny afternoons
  • Elegant VIP area on the first floor
Skitypen: Retro-Skier

The retro-style skier

With their bright neon colours, eye-catching headbands and classic ski equipment, retro skiers bring colour and vintage charm to the ski resort. Are you a retro skier and love skiing in the classic sense? Fantastic! In its 50 years, the Stubai Glacier has seen many ski trends come and go. But no matter what equipment and ski fashion skiers have been skiing down the slopes with for the past five decades, the focus has always been on the fun of winter sports.

We can especially recommend our "Wilde Grub'n " ski route to all our retro skiers. Although the descent is marked as a ski route, it is not usually groomed or artificially snowed. You need strong calves and good skiing skills to enjoy this natural snow experience.

Skitypen: Freerider

The freerider

As a freeride skier, you avoid the pistes, unless of course they take you to the next powder snow run. With your powder skis on your feet and your avalanche airbag on your back, you sit in the chairlift, check out the next lines and discuss the structure of the snow cover with your ski buddies. Tantalising deep snow slopes and untouched descents make every deep snow enthusiast’s heart beat faster. Guaranteed snow, a variety of variants and numerous freeride options make the Stubai Glacier the ideal freeride area.

What makes freeride skiing on the glacierso special?

"When enjoying freeride skiing on the Stubai Glacier, you can tackle very long descents that cover up to 1500 metres in altitude.The varied terrain with wide slopes is ideal for beginners and the high mountains also offer ambitious riders a real big mountain feeling.

Freeride expert Patrick Ribis, THE FREERIDE Center.

The freeride paradise at a glance:

  • 14 freeride runs
  • Off-piste map and GPS tracks
  • Freeride Checkpoints at the Eisgrat and Gamsgarten mountain stations: info panels with routes, avalanche transceiver check and avalanche warning panels
  • Practice area for victim search practice at the Gamsgarten
  • Rental of safety equipment in the Intersport Shops on the Stubai Glacier

More information can be found here.


The Queen of Wedeln

Comfort and luxury are the top priorities for the “Queen of Wedeln”. She goes out on the piste every day in top style and waggles down the slopes with elegant short turns. Frostbite on the ears is gladly accepted as long as the hairstyle is right. We can recommend the Schaufelspitz restaurant on the Stubai Glacier to our wedel queens, as this is where particularly discerning palates get their money's worth with exquisite drinks and food. You can really enjoy your ski break in the elegant ambience of the modern parlour or on the sun terrace. Got an appetite? Take a look at the menu here.

Carrying skis around - no thanks! At the Stubai Glacier, the ski day begins and ends extremely comfortably, as storage depots for winter sports equipment can be rented in the Comfort Centres at the Eisgrat and Gamsgarten valley stations. This means that ski equipment does not have to be carried to the hotel and can be professionally stored on site and dried until the next day.