Wilde Grub'n Valley Run

created by Alexandra Erhart

The Stubai Glacier is known for its wide and spacious pistes and runs, which are particularly popular among beginners and families. But beyond these blue and red runs, the Kingdom of Snow also has a lot to offer for ambitious winter sports enthusiasts. One example is the Wilde Grub'n valley run, which stretches from the mountain station of the Wildspitz chairlift at 3,210 meters to the valley station at around 1,700 meters.

What a panorama - what a view: From the highest point in the ski area, you can appreciate the vastness and size of Austria's largest glacier ski area. You can see the two mountain stations - Eisgrat and Gamsgarten - the middle station as well as the lifts on the Daunferner, Eisjochferner, Windachferner and Fernauferner. Only the Gaiskarferner with its impressive Stubai Zoo snow park is hidden behind the Großer Isidor.

We push off and our skiing pleasure starts right away. A few short turns on the narrow path before the enormous piste areas open up at the top station of the Daunferner T-bar lift. We cross the T-bar lift and start with gigantic carving turns - left, right, left right... full flow. We indulge of skiing on the Daunfernerpiste (no. 7). Pure natural snow keeps piling up and the freedom is LIMITLESS today, even without clouds. We know what lies ahead of us, so we take a short break at the valley station of the Daunferner T-bar lift. A short break.

Then we continue and enter the Wilde Grub’n – ski route no. 14.   Along the “schuss” section and past the mountain station of the Daunjoch chairlift, which enables access to a fantastic black piste and freeride ski area, we ski into the valley basin. Steep passages alternate with short flat sections. If you prefer less adventurous skiing, you can bypass the steeper sections. The play of light and shadow is difficult for skiers, but also an exciting challenge that increases the charm of the valley run.

Now we’ve got a decision to make: Should we plunge down vertically and wedel down the steep slope or follow the flat path out of the valley? But of course we like it more extreme and opt for the steep slope. We are starting to feel our thighs. They are burning and tired. During a short break, we have time to take a look at the surrounding mountains. Huge rock constructions that frame the valley. It's easy to imagine that the area would also be a paradise for hiking in summer.

Enough daydreaming... we continue along the valley floor towards the valley station - who is the fastest? When the valley opens up again, you can see the gondola lifts. The sun peeks through the trees and suddenly we find ourselves in a completely different landscape - hilly terrain, bushes, forest.

In addition to the skiing experience and the enjoyment of natural snow, you have also covered 1,500 meters in altitude difference and 10 kilometres. The Wilde Grub'n - 10 kilometers long and exciting from start to finish.

Would you like to embark on this adventure too? All information on the ski area and the open lifts can be found at stubaier-gletscher.com.